Redoma Recycling joins the Eldan Group

As of 1 January 2016, Redoma Recycling AB, Sweden, has joined the Eldan Group, based in Denmark, as a fully owned subsidiary to Eldan Recycling A/S. The companies form what they call the world’s largest manufacturer of cable recycling equipment, with 90 years of joint experience.

Eldan Recycling has been manufacturing cable recycling equipment for the last 60 years. The company says it has sold and installed several thousand cable recycling lines around the world.

“Today Eldan is a market leading supplier of cable and WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycling lines for high-capacity installations,” says Dr. Toni Reftman, managing director of Eldan Recycling A/S. “With capacities ranging from 2,000 kilograms per hour up to 12,000 kilograms per hour, we are one of the most powerful suppliers in the market.”

Redoma Recycling AB specialises in designing and manufacturing small and midsize cable recycling lines. Since 1984, Redoma has delivered and installed several hundred cable recycling lines worldwide and is a market leader in small and midsize cable recycling lines, Eldan says.

“Redoma has like Eldan its own design. The machines are lighter and smaller compared to Eldan equipment, making our companies a perfect match,” Reftman says.

“Redoma will still be acting as an independent equipment supplier,” he continues. “As a member of the Eldan Group, Redoma will be using technology from Eldan and also from its Swedish sister company Rapid Granulator AB.”

Traditionally, Redoma provides three types of cable recycling lines—Thunderhawk, Powercat and Firefox—offering tailor-made systems of up to 2,000 kilograms per hour.

In some applications, Eldan says its shredding technology can be incorporated in the Redoma systems.

“By adding Redoma recycling equipment to the Eldan portfolio, we create the largest and most competent cable recycling equipment manufacturer in the world with joint experience of 90 years,” Reftman says. “For our customers, this means that we are now able to offer cable recycling equipment in any price segment and for any type of cable. We have small compact lines for less than €30,000 as well as heavy-duty equipment handling large, heavy-reinforced cables in high-capacity applications.”

Machinex supplies sorting systems for Shanks Waste Management

Shanks Waste Management Ltd., based in the United Kingdom, has opened its waste treatment facility in South Kirkby, England. The company was awarded a waste management contract for the city of Wakefield, England, to process up to 230,000 tonnes annually of residual waste and recycling from homes and businesses in the Wakefield District. Plessissville, Quebec, Canada-based Machinex has provided two sorting systems for the facility that includes its latest technologies, according to the supplier. This facility is among the most sophisticated of its kind in the U.K., Machinex says. It is expected to increase the recycling rate of the Wakefield District, diverting around 95% of the community’s waste from landfill.

The first system can segregate roughly 36,000 tonnes annually of plastic, glass, metal containers, paper and cardboard at a capacity of 19 tonnes per hour. It will include Machinex screens, optical sorters, a glass cleanup system, an air capture system for plastic film, ferrous magnets and an eddy current system for nonferrous metals, the supplier says.

The main goal of the second system from Machinex is to obtain a final fraction that meets standards to produce refuse derived fuel (RDF).

ScrapRight introduces iScrapRight

ScrapRight Software, based in the United States, has released iScrapRight, which it describes as a “low-cost, cloud-based scrap and recycling software solution for scrap yards and recycling centres to perform ticketing, gain state and local compliance and run essential reporting.” The company says iScrapRight is an alternative to other software that can require a significant investment of money and time to install and begin using.

IScrapRight can be run using Windows PCs, Apple computers, iPads and many tablets, enabling most yards to operate on their own existing equipment and avoid a costly hardware investment, ScrapRight says.

According to ScrapRight, yards can start using the full compliance version of iScrapRight immediately for as little as $99 per month.

Caterpillar to exhibit at BAUMA 2016 in Munich

United States-based Caterpillar Inc. and Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, its German dealer, will exhibit a suite of technologies, services and equipment at BAUMA 2016 under the theme “Built for It.” BAUMA 2016 takes place 11-16 April in Munich.

Cat says the centre part of its stand will highlight:

  • Cat Connect Technology, its base hardware or software technology that can be factory fitted or dealer installed on Cat or competitive equipment and that performs a variety of tasks and provides information that can enhance customer operations;
  • Cat 360° Advantage, a joint commitment by Caterpillar and its dealers to deliver a full circle of expertise, technology-enabled equipment and support services that overcome job site challenges for customers;
  • Leverage Every Litre, an educational initiative with tools, tips and resources that help Cat customers recover more profit from every litre of fuel they burn; and
  • product support services that protect the customer’s equipment investment and maximise its value.

Dozens of machines will be on display, including:

  • the 336F LN XE and 352F L XE excavators, which Cat says incorporate an exclusive intelligent hydraulic system that delivers big fuel efficiency gains, plus standard Cat GRADE and PAYLOAD technologies designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs;
  • the 340F Long Reach excavator, which uses high-efficiency hydraulics to improve digging and lifting capabilities at extended distances; and
  • the 966M XE wheel loader, which Cat says features advanced power train design and deep systems integration for higher efficiency and lower total costs.