Sicon EcoShred Vertec

Germany-based Sicon describes its new EcoShred Vertec as a “versatile vertical shredder” with these features:

  • available in four sizes and with different rotor configurations adapted to the intended application
  • allows for scrap compaction or targeted material separation
  • suitable for processing electric motors, meatballs, electronic scrap, mixed scrap and cooling scrap
  • matching feed line and metal separation available
  • a rotary shear, available in different versions and throughputs, can be installed upstream for throughputs of up to 15 tons per hour
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Van Beek bag compactor

Netherlands-based Van Beek says it has introduced a electrically operated bag compactor that does not need a hydraulic press. It is designed to help production companies handle the empty bags they generate as cheaply and efficiently as possible. It features:

  • available in 304 and 316 stainless steels and a coated steel version
  • stationary and mobile versions available
  • a screw that pushes the bags through the pipe, compressing them by about two-thirds
  • suitable for plastic, cardboard and jute bags, as well as combinations thereof
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UNTHA electric mobile shredder

The XR mobil-e, a mobile version of Austria-based UNTHA’s static XR, offers these features:

  • shreds with a low-power electric drive
  • an on-board auxiliary power pack allows it to be moved easily around a production facility and plugged back in
  • suitable for a variety of materials, including municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition debris, wood waste and other bulky wastes
  • supplied on tracks with an adjustable exit conveyor and ferrous magnet to ensure metals extraction
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TOMRA Sorting Recycling Autosort Flake

The new Autosort Flake sorter from TOMRA Sorting Recycling, Germany, offers:

  • simultaneous triple-sorting capability
  • next-generation sensor technology that also detects metal
  • a twin-processing mode that offers waste throughput and a constant high-calibre output
  • patented Flying Beam technology combined with the newly developed Fourline 2 millimeter optic module, the highest near infrared (NIR) resolution available
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