Metso MBC 95/29 balance crane

Combining its knowledge of mining and recycling, Metso, headquartered in Helsinki, says it has developed the MBC 95/29 balance crane, featuring the “durability of heavy mining equipment.” The MBC 95/29:

  • incorporates the counterbalance principle, resulting in 50 percent less energy to move a load
  • has been designed for optimum safety and durability
  • features a long reach to more effectively manage scrap stockpiling and to feed shredders and shears efficiently
  • offers low maintenance, power consumption and operating costs
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Groeneveld OnePlus pump

Netherlands-based Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions has introduced the new generation OnePlus, an adjustable pump for progressive lubrication systems, featuring:

  • a 2-litre reservoir
  • a solid, compact design with follower plate, which ensures grease in the reservoir is shielded from the air, preventing oxidation
  • two rotary switches behind the waterproof screw cap at the front of the pump housing control the quantity of grease distributed and the lubrication interval
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Fuchs MHL350 F Series material handler

The new Fuchs MHL350 F Series material handler from Germany-based Fuchs, a Terex brand, includes a Tier 4 final engine and refinements to the hydraulic system and upper carriage designed to elevate operating efficiency and machine reliability. Other features include:

  • a standard stick/boom configuration with 16-metres reach and an optional 14.6-metre multipurpose stick that includes a second hydraulic cylinder to aid in sorting applications
  • a hydraulics package that delivers quick response for attachment operation and fast work cycles, even under heavy loads
  • an upper carriage design that better protects hydraulic and fuel tanks, while larger vents increase airflow to the engine area
  • a turbocharged 160-kilowatt diesel engine
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Powerscreen Warrior 1400XE screen

Global equipment manufacturer Powerscreen, Northern Ireland, has launched the electrically driven Warrior 1400XE mobile heavy-duty screen, which features:

  • a single shaft, high-amplitude 3.6-metre-by-1.25-metre screenbox
  • designed for customers who prefer electricity as a power source
  • the ability to operate indoors
  • can produce up to 600 tonnes per hour
  • the “Stay-Clean” system under the feeder and the jack-up screen system that allows for easy access for screen media changes
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