UK group calls for better efforts to deliver quality fibre

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector, a United Kingdom-based group representing the supply chain for paper and board manufacturers and paper recyclers, is urging the waste industry and local authorities in the country to do more to achieve greater collection consistency to help reverse the rise in recycling rejection rates that is being driven by what the organisation is calling cross-contamination.

To address the problem, CPI has issued a position paper saying it believes the increasing use of commingled collections has contributed to the increase in household waste in England that has been rejected from material recovery facilities (MRFs)—338,000 tonnes in 2014/15 compared with 184,000 tonnes in 2011/12, according to a recent BBC report following a Freedom of Information Act request.

CPI says that while commingled collection has been successful in increasing the amount of corrugated fibre collected for recycling, if a growing percentage of the recyclables being collected is contaminated through councils’ collection process, it can end up being treated as waste and not recycled.

CPI acknowledges that some people in the waste management industry insist commingling of recyclables can be justified provided a sorting mechanism is in place; however, CPI says source separation is the most effective way to maintain material quality.

Andy Barnetson, CPI director of packaging affairs, says the rising reject rates partially reflect a “growing impatience” among paper mills about the quality of the material they are receiving and the cost burden of contamination.

VPK Packaging Group acquires Peterson Packaging’s corrugated business

VPK Packaging Group, a Belgium-based packaging firm with locations throughout Europe, has completed the acquisition of Norway-based Peterson Packaging’s corrugating activity. The deal includes six facilities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The newly acquired facilities will operate as a business unit named Peterson within VPK.

With the purchase, VPK expands into the Scandinavian market, which the company says fits into its strategy to increase its geographical coverage.

Dan Johannessen, who has been named managing director of the company’s Scandinavian business unit, will head operations

VPK CEO Pierre Macharis says, “Peterson Packaging is a leading provider in Scandinavia, servicing important customers in various markets, such as food, drinks and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). We are looking forward to continuing these activities, improving service levels and further developing wherever possible.”