NRT optical sorting platform

USA-based National Recovery Technologies (NRT) has announced a next-generation platform for its SpydIR and ColorPlus optical sorters. NRT says the new platform incorporates its proprietary In-Flight Sorting technology and continuous autocalibration and introduces numerous new features, including:

  • a performance-enhancing design and internalised controls
  • a more controlled ejection pattern and laminar air flow, improving recovery of fibre and film
  • a self-contained electrical system and a new software package
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Redoma Recycling Electrostatic Separation System

The Swedish company Redoma Recycling AB has released its Electrostatic Separation System (ESS), which is available in six sizes, depending on capacity requirements. According to Redoma, the system features:

  • the ability to separate residual fine copper (less than 0.1 millimetre) from plastic scrap with nearly 100% purity
  • infeed capacities of 250 kilograms to 2,200 kilograms per hour
  • larger electrostatic separators with capacity up to 2,000 kilograms per hour also are available on request
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Fuchs MHL390 F, MHL370 F material handlers

Terex brand Fuchs, which is based in Bad Schönborn, Germany, has introduced two new model class designs—the Fuchs MHL390 F and MHL370 F—to give customers more material handling options to fill a wider variety of application needs, according to the company. Features of the MHL390 F include:

  • an operating weight that ranges from 369,600 kilograms to 421,960 kilograms (168,000 to 191,800 pounds)
  • a broad outrigger base to provide stability when lifting heavy loads at extended reaches of up to 24.12 metres (80.4 feet)
  • banana boom configuration available to reach deep into a vessel’s hull for port applications
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Polystar Repro-One shredder

The Taiwanese equipment company Polystar has introduced the Repro-One, its newest piece of equipment that is designed to process soft plastics and rigid plastics. Repro-One:

  • integrates a heavy-duty single-shaft shredder with a pelletiser
  • is ideal for companies handling polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) film
  • recycled pellets can be directly put back into tape extrusion lines or blown/cast film lines for immediate reprocessing
  • can process large scrap, such as jumbo bags, raffia, tape, rope, lumps and woven and nonwovens, without preshredding.
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